AJAX is a web development technology that allows you to make changes on the server and have them reflected in the browser without needing to reload the page. This means that you can do things like update product information or send new orders without refreshing your browser window.

What it is

Ajax is a way of sending data to a server. It’s not just any old programming language or technology, but rather an approach that can help you design better websites and applications.

AJAX isn't just about the technology: it's also about how your application handles data, how you structure and design your user interface (UI), and how you use JavaScript on the client side to make it all work together.

How it's different

AJAX is different from traditional HTTP requests.

AJAX requests are asynchronous and made using XMLHttpRequests. A typical web request consists of several steps:

Why use it?

AJAX is useful for many different situations. It can be used to improve user experience, speed up websites and reduce page load times.

AJAX is a technique that allows one page on your website to communicate with another part of your site via XMLHttpRequest (XHR) requests. The XHR request sends data back and forth between two web pages so they can exchange information without reloading the entire page each time. This makes AJAX great for creating quick and simple interactions between pages on your site like popups or buttons that instantly update based on new information received from elsewhere in your application's code base.

AJAX is useful, but not on its own.

If you're new to the term "AJAX," it might be tempting to think of it as a magic bullet. But it's not—it's just a tool that can help improve your website's user experience and improve its design.

A good interface is more than just an array of controls; it helps users find what they're looking for more easily and intuitively, so that they feel empowered by their knowledge rather than overwhelmed by new information or technology. While AJAX has been around since 1998 (and was even used in early versions of Yahoo!), there are many other methods available today that can enhance your site without requiring any extra work on your part!


AJAX is a tool that can be used in conjunction with other technologies. It is difficult to use AJAX on its own because it requires additional programming skills for developers who may not have experience with it. However, AJAX has many advantages over traditional web application development, such as faster loading times, improved user interface design and increased interactivity.